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Good on Trails:
yes with relaxed rider
Buddy's Christmas Letter: You maybe remember me from before? I am back at the rescue to be re-homed. My last forever home was not experienced enough I think. Anyway no concern as the rescue is always looking out for all of us so here I am. I am a registered 13 year old gelding about 15.2 hands. I walk, trot and canter. They say I may be happiest in a sport horse environment and I really do like riding outside. On the trails I will go anywhere that you point me. Inside I get a little nervous but there are other things I can do. Being a lesson horse for many riders probably will not work for me. Until I find my new rider and my new forever home can you help sponsor me at the rehab? I am really healthy so no vet costs and I am ready to go. Happy Holidays, Buddy. Rehab Evaluation Comments:  Buddy is well trained but does not like to ride in the gray area. He is happiest with a calm, quiet rider with good hands that rides very black and white. His gaits are smooth and he does all 3 of them well. There is nothing dangerous or silly about this horse.   He has shown to be particular in his likes and dislikes of riders.  Let us know if we can provide you with more information regarding this horse.  Watch Buddy and Greg trail riding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctkR6C5q1RM  Buddy now has a Virtual Foster sponsor! It is Danielle H, from Hope, NJ. She is helping Buddy with his feet care.  Thanks, Danielle!